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Developing Solutions for Your Water Needs

We can provide the cost effective solutions to your needs with our network of solution providers, from technologies to turnkey partners. 

Equipment - Mobile Solutions - Consulting

We offer Business Development and Consultative Services in addition to Temporary and Mobile Treatment options for your immediate needs. MF/UF/NF and RO Systems, Screens, DAFs, Aerobic/Anaerobic, Supplemental Aeration, Odor Control & Dewatering Technologies to name a few.

Solutions for Challenging Water Applications

High Strength Organic Application? Hyper Desal Issue? Nitrification Issue? We can help with the most difficult water problems in Industrial Water Applications. F&B, O&G, Produced Water, Mining, Pulp & Paper and other markets.

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Equipment Available for Purchase/Rent

250 GPM Containerized UF System

Containerized Pentaier X Flow UF System - Rated for 250 GPM

Available Now for Rent or Purchase

250 GPM Containerized High Pressure RO

250 GPM Containerized High Pressure RO System with Brine Recovery RO Available Now for Purchase or Rent.

1200 PSI Danfoss Pumps with ERD

Oberlin Filter

36 ft2 2205 Stainless Steel Oberlin Filter Never Used - Available Now

System is capable of filtering and dewatering to < 1 micron solids up to 1400 GPM 

Construction Services

We offer Design Build and Turnkey Project Development minimizing you risk

Short on Oxygen?

Whether you need supplemental Aeration for BOD or Nitrification, or your DAF is under performing, we have a solution for you.

Industrial Water/Wastewater

Our expert team of associates has experience in Food & Beverage, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas - Upstream/Downstream, Pharmaceutical and others.